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Darkness and Light: A Day Retreat

On Mon, 28 December, 2015 - 21:22
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Darkness and Light: A Day Retreat - February 6, 10 to 4 pm

On this day retreat we will explore the realms of craving and desire. Through meditation, reflection and discussion we will draw out what these experiences mean to us and how they impact our lives and those around us.

The Buddhist Path offers practical and profound teachings that can help us see the truth of our human predicament and allow us to disentangle ourselves from the cycle of craving. In this workshop, participants will work together to identify the causes and conditions that lead to habits, obsessions, compulsions and cravings. We will meditate, share experiences, and study a relevant Buddhist text.

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If this sticky, uncouth craving
Overcomes you in the world,
Your sorrows grow like wild grass
         After rain.

If, in the world, you overcome
this uncouth craving, hard to escape,
Sorrows roll off you,
         Like water beads off
         A lotus.
— Dhp 335-336

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