Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Community Sundays - Imagining Your Practice

On Fri, 3 June, 2016 - 21:54
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The role of imagination in our Dharma practice is crucial but can generally be under-explored and even under-appreciated in the face of all the things we think we’re supposed to be doing. Whether you’re meditating, or trying to engage with the thorny issues that arise in just trying to apply mindfulness and loving kindness in your life every day, bringing an active imaginative element to practice can make all the difference when it comes to keeping things vital and deeply inspiring. 

This Sunday – 10am-12pm – at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center we’ll be exploring how to marry an understanding of the formal aspects of practice (ethics, key elements of the Dharma) with an approach where we feel free to move in any direction and see what arises. We’ll sit together with the imagination, we’ll talk together and share what moves us. Come join the conversation and see what a quietly radical community feels like. Help us build sangha by imagining the Dharma together!

Listen to talks on ‘Imagining the Buddha and the Dharma’

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