Portsmouth Buddhist Center

A Buddhist Revolution

On Fri, 19 October, 2018 - 00:32
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Sunday, October 21st, 9.30am-12pm

In 1956 Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the leader of the Indian Dalits (ex-Untouchables,) converted to Buddhism and started a movement that is transforming Indian society. Although the revival of the Dharma in the Buddha’s homeland is largely unknown outside of India, millions of Indian Buddhists are trying to change their lives by adopting the values and teachings of the Buddha. Their struggle casts light on the nature of the Dharma as a universal path to liberation that works in different cultures and can transform both society and individuals.

Viradhamma will talk about his experience working in India and what we can learn from the Indian Buddhist Revival in a time of tremendous political and cultural change in the world.

Dharmachari Viradhamma was ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1994 and is Chairman of the North American Men’s Ordination Team. Based in San Francisco, he is active in supporting the Buddhist Revival movement in India and is an advisor and teacher at Nagaloka, a school that provides training in social activism, meditation and Dharma for Indian Buddhists.

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