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The Buddha of Portsmouth – What to do with Ancient Wisdom?

On Mon, 25 May, 2020 - 20:14
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The Buddha of Portsmouth – What to do with Ancient Wisdom?

Friends’ Nights Online at the PBC | Every Wednesday, 7-8:30pm, beginning June 3rd, 2020

Over 2500 years ago, a young man sat beneath a tree and woke up. He then walked the wilds and villages of India, talking to anyone who would listen and passing on his vision, so that others too could wake up. His vision was passed on through the centuries and through many cultures down to us in 2020. 

What did he have to say? What was so compelling to last this long, to influence millions of people, to change lives and cultures? What was he like? What could a Buddhist approach to personal transformation and fulfillment look like for us?

For our opening series of Friends’ Nights, we’ll be exploring a selection of stories and teachings from the days of the Buddha and discovering their relevance, practicality and wonder for ourselves. What does it mean to wake up, here in the spring of 2020 on the seacoast of New England?

These online evenings will include meditation, a short talk with readings, and discussion. Everyone is welcome! Offered by donation, $5-$15 suggested. We’ll send the Zoom link upon registration, or simply sign up for our weekly email which includes the link.

Summer Schedule –
June 3 Dedication Ceremony and Opening Talk by our Chair, Suddhayu
June 10 The Taste of Freedom
June 17 The Buddha’s Aunt
June 24 In the Seen Only the Seen
July 1 A Charming Mango Grove
July 8 Happiness
July 15 Fear and Dread
July 22 The Kamma Sutta 
July 29 What is an Elephant? 

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