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The Awakening Heart – how to become a buddha when everything is really hard

On Wed, 29 April, 2020 - 19:14
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The Awakening Heart – how to become a buddha when everything is really hard
Sunday mornings, 10-11:30am EDT, beginning May 3, 2020

The Buddha said there would be days like this. Actually, he just said that life was inherently unsatisfying, no matter what the day, because our craving ruins everything! But things are harder for most of us right now, and this has implications for our sense of well-being, and our growth. The happy ending of the Buddha’s teaching is that we can find freedom from craving and relief from suffering – here and now!

Continuing our hands-on approach to staying human and connected during the pandemic, we move from five precepts to the six perfections: generosity (dana), ethics (sila), patience (ksanti), energy (viriya), meditation (dhyana) and wisdom (prajna). The six perfections, or pāramitās, are the core expression of the Buddha’s path of liberation. They represent the way we wake up, like six unfolding petals of a flower.

How does practice of these great qualities lead to our own transformation and fulfillment, and that of the world we live in? What are the challenges and supports to our well-being and practice during these times? 

Please join us for meditation, community and engaging conversation, every Sunday 10-11:30am. By donation, $5-$15 suggested – follow this link to donate. 

“…This is the elixir of life, born to end death in the world. This is the inexhaustible treasure, alleviating poverty in the world. This is the supreme medicine, curing the sickness of the world, a tree of shelter for weary creatures staggering along the road of existence…”   –  Śāntideva

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