People to People, Nagpur, India.

Urgyen Sangharakshita's 88th Birth Day Celebration !

On Mon, 26 August, 2013 - 07:14
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People to People expressed their heartiest greetings &  best wishes to Bhante on the occassion of Celebration of Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita’s Birth Day at Rajabhao Khobragade Hall, North Nagpur ! PTP’s Youth Wing named People’s Karate Do (PKD) expressed their greetings,  gratitudes and respect to Bhante by presenting their exciting and wonderful Karate Demostration in the public programme as a matter of developing harmonious cooperation toTriratna Buddhist Centre Mahendranagar Nagpur (organizer!) . In this event PKD’s beneficiaries also dedicated 2 songs towards Bhante by singing in 2 groups.
PKD’s youths addressed girls by demostration to learn art of self defence from attacks against women or girls ! The mass was so excited to watch this presentation. On this occassion those student also celebrated Bhante’s birthday by wearing Tshirts of printed logo on Tshirts of PKD.

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It was great programme ……….. so inspiring ! Sadhu Bhante !!!