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Second Retreat for the Transgender Community Led by Amoghasiddhi

On Sun, 22 January, 2023 - 14:34
tejadhamma's picture

We have successfully organised a second retreat for transgender community at the bottom of Chikhaldara Hill Station, Bihali, Amravati. The total 30 participants enjoyed this retreat held from 5 to 8 August 2022. The retreat was organized by the hard work of Tejadhamma, Suchikirti, Aryasiddhi, Anushri and Sarika. Dhammachari Amoghasiddhi led the retreat very effectively with the help of Ratnasiddhi and Anomsur.

Our transgender community members enjoyed the meditation, group discussions, group activities, creativity sessions, walking meditation, dances and life sharing activity. This retreat was with full of energy and inspiration! 

Thank you to Khemadhamma. Khemavajira, Roland and the Sangha brothers and sisters, India’s donors who supported and helped to this retreat.

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