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Report 2021-2022

On Wed, 20 July, 2022 - 17:46
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We are happy to share the report 2021-2022. People to People contributed effectively to the beneficiaries. We helped 61,343 beneficiaries by running such programmes as below:

  • People’s Kitchen - Free cooked food distribution to poor families in rural and urban slums.
  • Free Ambulance Service - This service was provided in the Kamptee slums to take poor patients to hospitals from their home. We were able to save 19 lives out of 22 patients supported.
  • Financial Assistance - In the slums of Kamptee, elderly poor residents, single parents, and patients with low life expectation, had no financial support to purchase medicine, pay educational fees, access food, water, electricity, and so on. People to People helped with grants totalling INR 80,300.
  • Free Educational Material Distribution to poor students - During the pandemic and lockdown, daily wagers lost earning resources and were unable to purchase educational materials for their children. People to People provided 10,000 notebooks to poor students as educational support.
  • Free Grocery Kit Distribution - In 14 slums in Kamptee, poor families were provided with free grocery kits to help them avoid going hungry.
  • Bridge Project (Learning Club) - 144 poor students received an opportunity to continue their education after the Corona Crisis through this project.
  • Beginners’ Meditation Retreat for Transgender People in India - This retreat helped transgender people engage with strategies for emotional and psychological wellbeing through meditation. 

Above is a summary of the contents of the report. 

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