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Learning Club re-opened in Muslim Community for poor children

On Sun, 6 August, 2017 - 14:28
tejadhamma's picture

We started our educational session 2017-18 in the first week of July at Hasanbag area for Dalit Muslim poor children to get an opportunity for educational development. In this class most of the girls are getting benefit as they are vulnerable. Parents have certain way of thinking to not to provide education because of being Girls !

Our teacher Nazmine Sheikh (Master in Social Work) is trying hard to help these children to overcome through our project. Also we use to organize parents meeting to help them to change the thinking pattern to cope up with current world. Now these girls have ‘hope’ as they covered better marks in their exams compare to previous result, that made a big impact on parent and they allowed this year to send children in our Learning Club. We are very thankful to Dhammachari Khemadhamma and other donors to help for this project. If anybody is interested to support us by time, energy, trainings and in teaching activity, please contact - pple2pple [at] or tejadhamma [at]

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