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Karate Camp by People's Karate Do

On Mon, 13 May, 2013 - 10:37
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Tejadhamma is guiding to the team regarding the developments and care of the beneficiaries of the karate camp. The impact of this karate camp is very fruitful. The 65 participants (boys and girls) are learning Karate Skill with Meditation, Mass Communication Skill, Sharing, Friendliness, Team work, Leading Group Discussion, Builidng Confidence, Moral Teachings, self defence and much more !
Nowadays the girls are victims of rape and acid throwing on faces ! Karate learning is not only building confidence of girls but also parents. And the participant boys are getting understanding of respect girls so that the principle of equality could be bring into the day-to-day practises.

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Very good Tejadhamma. Keep it up…… friend.

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Thanks Aryaketu ! This is really important to handover to next generation.