People to People, Nagpur, India.

India's Second Wave of Covid is even worse : will you help in Nagpur?

On Wed, 5 May, 2021 - 10:37
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I am sure that you know of the terrible second wave of Covid in India and I am hoping that you will help.

In the Kamptee slums outside Nagpur City, the lockdown means that there is no work, and so daily wager earners and migrants have little food and no money to purchase medicine. 

 In the hospitals, there are no beds, no oxygen, and many died due to not having services and help on time. There is a heap of dead bodies in the mortuary and ambulances are carrying 3-4 dead bodies at a time, to be burned on top of each other. 

In some houses, nobody is available to care for elderly people. 

Seeing this, our hearts cry deeply.  Poor people are helpless.

Last year People to People Society, Nagpur raised £10,204 in response to the first wave of Covid, helping thousands of people in need. We have helped some Order Members and Mitras but apart from this; still there are many who are extremely in need of help. Tejadhamma has grown up in Kamptee and knows better areas to help.  Your help will directly reach the people.

This second wave is even worse. If you can give, you will allow us to: 

  • Create Covid Relief Centers in local Temples, Mosques, and Buddha Viharas for the extremely poor, needy, and neglected by the hospital due to poverty.
  • Appoint 20 Nurses for caring in centers to the poor and old age people including all regardless of caste or religion.  
  • Hire a Van and driver to take patients from home to the center for treatment. 
  • Arrange Beds and involve local Govt. Block officer to help us with Oxygen and other facilities.
  • Provide medicines who can’t purchase, food who don’t have anything to eat, and some money for survival. 
  • Involve more volunteers in this situation.

Covid is a killer, but with your help, we can ensure that the people of the Kamptee slums can access medical care, and so have a fighting chance of surviving.

We need to raise £40,000. If 200 friends like you give £200 then we can do it. Please give whatever you can here:

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