People to People, Nagpur, India.

Help reached to Dalit Muslim Poor Woman

On Mon, 6 March, 2017 - 10:44
tejadhamma's picture

We have recently donated a Sewing Machine to Begam Hasina Sheikh who is our beneficiary and very committed  to help her family by her own earning. She started her sewing business at home and all the clothes for sewing; she gets from the main market and doing very good business and earning enough to cope up expenses of the family.

She has 2 kids under age of 5 and her husband had fallen while working on building; broken his bone who is now unable to earn much. Hasina breaking her mental conditions and coming forward to not to depend on husband. She bravely started the business with the help of People to People and providing access for education to her sons. She also want to be an example to other muslim women in her area sothat they can break their cycle of dependancy. We are heartily ‘thankful’ to our friends, wel-wishers and all the donors whose little contribution made a big difference in the life of Hasina ! Thanking you once again donors !!!

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