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" Learning to make Greeting Cards" in Street Children Project

On Mon, 20 January, 2014 - 09:09
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“Study Home”  for Street Children, experienced happiness & excitement among children while “Learning to make Greeting Cards” event run in the project for the children at Ganganagar, Nagpur. This event increased confidence among children that they are also able to be like other children in the society.
This project is perticularly for the most disadvantaged and poor wanderer community called Vadaar who are denotified nomadic tribes. In this community, their parent never went in the school so they cann’t check children’s homework and follow for further development.
PTP started a school under tree and then after 15 children enrolled in the school , so opened Study Home for them to get further development. All the children study in the project daily and solve their difficulities with the help of the teacher. They learn group songs to develop confidence, games, drawings and other many things which normal children get easy access in the society.
This event helped them to “feel” that they also have capacity like others and can do like other children ! 
PTP appreciate the help for those children. You may contact on pple2pple [at] or tejadhamma [at]
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