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First Time in the life ! - Financial inclusion of women by formation of Self Help Group of Vadaar Community

On Mon, 31 March, 2014 - 18:30
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Vadar Community (tribes) Women got opportunity First time to participate in SHG
Anushri (Coordinator of Women Empowerment Project of PTP) formed Self Help Group of the Vadaar Community Women who are excluded economically and socially. Women are forced to depend on everything in this community. This is first Self Help Group of those women which will help them to have voice in the family, develop confidence and get chance to make decision. They will be able to support their families economically and get help to stand on their own feet through involving in small businesses. Their saving habits would be increased. They would experience equality and freedom with others!
This is happening first time in the life of those women that they are becoming a part the existing social stream and forming their own SHG due to PTP’s inisiative.
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