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Celebration of Dr. Ambedkar's 123rd Birth Anniversary with Vadar Community

On Mon, 14 April, 2014 - 11:11
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Historical celebration of Dr. Ambdekar’s Birth Anniversary in Vadaar Community followed by Bhojandaan (donation of food).
PTP celebrated the 123rd Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar who is the light of the downtrodden / Dalits & tribles in modern age. Due to Babasaheb Ambedkar all the ex-untouchable’s life is completely changed and generations are gradually getting better now. But this community is still living without basic facilities and have lifestyle as bicotted, they are stamped as criminal by birth.
PTP is helping them to overcome from their situation and enter in the main stream of the society. This celebration was the “First Celebration” of Dr. Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary in their life. This event helped them to understand that they are also a part of the society.
While celebration; Dh. Tejadhamma guided Vadar community leaders about the importance of Dr. Ambedkar and his value for all human beings. All chanted positive precepts and sang group song of friendship and the value of human life. This celebration ended with free food distribution. All the SHG women, study home children and other parents of this Vadaar community inspired by the programme. Dhammamitras and Dhammachari took hard efforts to succeed this event.
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