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Campaign on Violence against Women

On Sun, 7 December, 2014 - 15:11
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PTP is happy to announce that the campaign on violence against women has been started. On this ocassion PTP organized verious awareness camps, posters exhibition, postcard writing on the issues, corner meetings , workshops, male sensetisation activities, adolescent girls and boys awareness workshops, poster drawing by participants regarding violence etc. We have a great responce by the slums women and they are patcipating in  verious activites and contributing their own experiences. PTP volunteers are happily contributing their generous participation and help to success the events and activities.
PTP have been planned a huge rally of women and would submit the memoradam to the Governor. Those events are run by the help of Maitri Network in collaboration with Samata Mahila Foundation. 
For more details please contact : pple2pple [at]
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