People to People, Nagpur, India.

3rd Karate Branch of People's Karate Do opened in collaboration with TRIRATNA Mahendranagar Nagpur

On Mon, 7 October, 2013 - 17:31
tejadhamma's picture
People to People and Triratna Buddhist Centre at Mahendranagar, Nagpur opened PKD’s 3rd Karate Branch in collaboration. PTP is registered charity in  Commissioner Office and running projects on local financial support.  Dhammachari Ratnasiddhi led opening ceremony by lightening candle and expressed greetings and shared experiences to all participants which were amazing and very inspiring to all. Amrutasiddhi also guided on this occassion. PKD’s beneficiaries presented their welcome song in groups.
Dhammamitra Sensei Rajan Deshbhratar (4th Dan Black Belt) and Ratnakar Rodge will lead this karate branch where poor and underprivillaged will get verious guidences which will help them to develop their confidence level, stage darings, concentration level. moral practises, development in hidden qualities and more !
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