People to People, Nagpur, India.

21 Karatekas succeed in Belt Grading Exam.

On Tue, 8 October, 2013 - 12:09
tejadhamma's picture
Sunday 6th Oct. 2013 was exciting morning for the karate student of People’s Karate Dojo run by PTP in Nagpur. Everybody was experiencing happiness and excitement for grading exam which was under wait from last 3 months. All gathered in the Prajapati Gotami Buddha Vihara at Nagarjuna Colony, presented their practise and appeared grading exam from the verious slum’s poor and underprivillaged boys and girls. The result came out in the end ! All  21 stakeholder passed their grading exam ! Vihara experienced a loud sound of big hands of claps !
Sensei Rajan Deshbratar (4th Dan Black Belt) led this grading with the help of Ratnakar Rodge, Nitin Kamble and Tejadhamma. In this grading exam PTP team carefully led this event on the basis of team work, harmony, friendliness, awareness, protecting precepts practises & developed encouragement and rejoicing of each others merrites. 
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