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15 Street Children enrolled in School

On Sat, 13 July, 2013 - 18:42
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PTP is pleased to inform that the 15 nomadic tribes children of Street Children Project run by PTP started to go to school for primary education from urban slum of Nagpur. All the children are from migrated Vadaar community who are known as Nomadic tribes with whom we are working last 3 years.

Initially PTP encouraged to parent to allow those children to get primary education but they were not happy to get them education as those children are the earning resources for the family and since generations; nobody took education! All parent are illiterate, adict of alcohol and full of superstitions, due to this; they have a lot suffering.  The children are forced to work, earn money otherwise they are punished. They are in need of basic accomodation. Many of them don’t have identity and necessary document to get facilities. Those people live out of village or live life as a wanderer. This is happening generations to generation ! Even those people/community are labled as a criminal from the very young age or since birth. Many of them are far away from the main stream.

People to People started communication with the children and parent, tried to convince for the right of education. PTP started to provide one time food to all participant in the open school under the tree after 3 p.m. when all children were comming back from their work . After some days those children & parent left the place eventhough PTP kept their communication continuously and time to time encouraged parent to provide opportunity of education to children to enter into the main stream of the society and try to  help to change the cycle.
Now those children got admission in the school. Due to their poor condition they are unable to purchase school uniforms, school bags and other educational material which PTP is going to provide them by raising funds !

PTP also have plan to open an Educational Hostel for Nomadic Tribes to get focused development of those children. IF anybody would like to involve to help those beneficiaries … you are most welcome !
Contact : pple2pple [at] or call on +91 9422138727. 
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Sadhu, Tejadhamma! Inspiring! :)
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Sadhu Tejadhamma your work is truly inspiring.
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Dear Candradasa and Andrea,
Thank you so much for your responce ! Great to hear your lovely words ! Thanking you once again! I would take those words to the beneficiaries ! They would like to hear that people consider them to entre in the main stream of the society !
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The seeds are growing.
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Dear Amoghabhadra,
Thank you so much ! you are right ! I am glad that I got this opportunity to help others in this life!