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100% SSC Board result of PKD Students

On Tue, 9 June, 2015 - 17:35
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We are happy to share a good news of People’s Karate Do student have been successfully passed  SSC Board. All 8 beneficiaries have been participated and passed their board exam who are from a very poor background from verious slums. Those are the children of daily wages worker like labour, utencils cleaner and similar worker & few are better than those condition. PTP always encouraged and inspired all student to focused study and provided guidance time to time throught Karate Class. 

The topper achieved 86% who gives his success’s credit to PTP and PKD. The successful student’s list is as under:

1) Aditya Manvar 86%

2) Rajat Ambade 84%

3) Piyush Raut 78%

4) Aniruddha Rodge 75%

5) Naresh Bhaisare 74%

6) Kumari Prajakta Lanjewar 67%

7) Aditya Meshram 67%

8) Rajeshwar Meshram 60%

Those percentage may not be inspiring but considering the struggle of student and the background they are living is very much difficult to reach where they are now. PTP congratulate all of them !

They need support and help for further education ! We would appreciate if anybody would like to come forward. Please contact on : pple2pple [at] or tejadhamma [at]

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