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Known Issues

June 28th 2012

Videos may not display properly in Firefox 13.01 for Windows and Mac. This is to do with a change in how Firefox handles video in their new version, though in theory they should just work! We’re investigating…

June 5th 2012

We have a strange doubling up of posts in some feeds, notably the ‘My Sangha’ and ‘Latest Responses’ feeds. We’re talking a look right now…

Update: this is fixed now.

April 23rd 2012

We’re currently testing the new social network on If you encounter any unusual behaviour, please let us know!

August 16th 2011We moved the ‘triratna centres’ page from the ‘find us’ section to the ‘who we are’ section, under ‘introduction’. Hopefully this makes the contact section clearer.

August 10th 2011

– For extended gallery notes, the share button is in the wrong place if notes stretch to more than one panel.

August 3rd 2011

– Some links on ‘find us’ are out of date. Our site (like many other Triratna sites) accesses a common database file for these but it seems it is in need of updating. We’re working to resolve this.

– Clicking ‘read more’ on a particular news story from the home page news carousel, then clicking the back button in your browser, takes you back to the start of the carousel and not to the story you were on.

– For users of Google Chrome, the browser has a known issue with accessing rss feeds in xml format. This extension offers a workaround.

– The News section on our site is a brand new blog. You’ll see that news posts made here in the past week have a nice ‘gallery’ feature (a transluscent orange overlay with controls) for posts with images. Older news posts have been imported from Blogger, where Triratna News is currently hosted. The gallery feature does not work with imported posts. The Triratna News blog will migrate across to our site over the next month or so, but Blogger will continue to function during that time and remain in place as an archive. We’ll build our own news archiving service into future versions of

– There is an issue with scrolling through the last pane of Triratna Projects within the image galleries section. You can still navigate back and forwards using the left and right arrows.

– On iPads, the ‘share this’ icon automatically generates a new tab when touched; the iPad sharing widget is, however, present on the tab you were on when you return to it.