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The Skull and the Elixir of Life FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 09 March, 2015
Demon Work FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 09 March, 2015
Entering the Mandala FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 11 March, 2015
Communion with the Beautiful FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 13 March, 2015
Sutra of Golden Light - Confession FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 31 July, 2015
Creating the Buddha Body and the Uses of Pleasure FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 04 May, 2015
Vimalakirti S Skilful Means FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 04 May, 2015
The Adamantine Bond of Brotherhood FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 25 March, 2015
Building the Buddha Land FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 30 April, 2015
Entering Into a Life In the Dharma FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 15 March, 2015
The Muddy Path FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 15 March, 2015
Celebrating Dr Ambedkar FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 19 March, 2017
Sutra of Golden Light - The Four Great Kings FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 31 July, 2015
The Four Acceptance Vows FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 14 March, 2015
The Ten Pillars - Introducing the First Part of the Paper FBA Talk Free Buddhist Audio 15 March, 2015
Join the Padmaloka Community for Dharma Day Festival Celebrations - Sunday 5th July Video Embed Prajnahridaya 23 June, 2020
Watch the First 10 Minute Talk in Padmavajra's New Series, 'A Garland of Red Lotus Flowers' Video Embed Prajnahridaya 07 June, 2020
Going for Refuge in a Time of Fear - New Talk from Padmavajra Video Embed Prajnahridaya 19 March, 2020
Spreading the Light of Tara - Inspiration from Dhardo Rimpoche for these Fearful Times Video Embed Prajnahridaya 25 March, 2020
Ordinations in a Time of Covid-19: Watch Upcoming Public Ordinations Online Text Post Sadayasihi 22 September, 2020
Themes for Ordination Retreats 2 and 3 Announced Text Post Sanghanistha 02 June, 2015
Surlingham Village Festival at Padmaloka Text Post Sanghanistha 15 September, 2016
Photos From Jyotipala's Public Re-Ordination at Padmaloka Image Post Sanghanistha 29 March, 2017
2014 year planner Resource Sanghanistha 24 February, 2014
Going For Refuge Retreats Text Post Sanghanistha 07 May, 2014
Question and Answer session with Aloka Text Post Sanghanistha 10 April, 2017
2019 dates announced, plus an exciting new project... Text Post Sanghanistha 03 September, 2018
2015: A Record Breaking Year Text Post Sanghanistha 10 January, 2016
Book early Text Post Sanghanistha 26 January, 2016
Men's Event: 'For Heroic Spirits Intended' Image Post Sanghanistha 07 May, 2015
You Can Help To Make Padmaloka Dharma Talks Even Better Text Post Sanghanistha 10 August, 2018
Shakyamuni: Sage of the Shakyan Clan - A Young Men's Retreat Video Embed Satyakirti 07 August, 2022
Autumn - Winter 2021 Programme is now Live! Video Embed Satyakirti 14 July, 2021
A Bodhisattva's Mindfulness - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 5 Video Embed Satyakirti 30 April, 2020
"The More They Beat Us, The Louder We Sang" -The Perfection of Patience- Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 6 Video Embed Satyakirti 08 May, 2020
The Perfection of Vigour - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 7 Video Embed Satyakirti 14 May, 2020
Spring Great Gathering Online - Entering into Reality Undistractedly Text Post Satyakirti 28 January, 2021
Padmaloka Summer Programme: Now Live for Bookings Text Post Satyakirti 03 March, 2021
Spring Ordination Training Weekend - Ordination and the Vase of Initiation Text Post Satyakirti 11 February, 2021
The Perfection of Meditation - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 8 Video Embed Satyakirti 21 May, 2020
The Perfection of Wisdom and Dedication - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 9 & 10 Video Embed Satyakirti 28 May, 2020
Public Ordinations Coming up at Padmaloka Text Post Satyakirti 17 September, 2020
Ordination Training Weekend - The Guru and the Dakini Video Embed Satyakirti 14 September, 2020
Padmaloka Autumn-Winter Programme 2020 Now Released Video Embed Satyakirti 29 August, 2020
A Garland of Red Lotus Flowers Image Post Satyakirti 29 May, 2020
The Next Phase at Padmaloka: Opening a Hybrid Retreat Centre Video Embed Satyakirti 05 August, 2020
Going For Refuge: The basis of Everything Video Embed Satyakirti 19 April, 2020
Vigilance with Regard to the Bodhicitta - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 4 Video Embed Satyakirti 23 April, 2020
August Ordinations at Padmaloka Text Post Satyakirti 26 August, 2021
A Feast of Happiness for the Caravan of Famished Beings - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 3 Video Embed Satyakirti 16 April, 2020
The Padmaloka 2022 Programme - Live and Ready for Bookings Video Embed Satyakirti 03 September, 2021
Public Ordinations At Padmaloka - Thursday 8th July 2.30pm Text Post Satyakirti 08 July, 2021
Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 2: Giving Ourselves Completely to the Buddhas Video Embed Satyakirti 09 April, 2020
Bodhicitta - The Highly Potent Elixir of Transformation Video Embed Satyakirti 04 April, 2020
Padmaloka Buddha Day Puja - Wednesday 26th May - 8pm Text Post Satyakirti 26 May, 2021
Bodhisattva Ideal and What is the Order? - final spaces Text Post Vidyavachin 24 October, 2015
The 2018 Programme is Out Text Post Vidyavachin 05 September, 2017
Men's Great Gathering 2017 Text Post Vidyavachin 02 January, 2017
Steering to the Deep - Sub35 Men's Weekend - December 2016 Text Post Vidyavachin 31 October, 2016
Padmaloka Village Work Morning Image Post Vidyavachin 08 October, 2016
Young Men's Weekend Retreat Next Weekend Text Post Vidyavachin 05 December, 2015
The Central Buddhist Act: Catch-Up Video Embed akasajoti 17 November, 2021
Men's Event 3 - Liberation and Discipline Text Post aryapala 14 October, 2014
Public Ordinations Text Post aryapala 30 September, 2015
Kalyana Mitrata Retreat Image Post aryapala 18 October, 2015
explosions of sunyata Quote lokeshvara 02 August, 2012