Padmaloka Retreat Centre

What Is Buddhism 2 - Work,Pleasure And Life

On Tue, 17 July, 2012 - 01:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
This Talk is a follow on to 'What Is Buddhism 1'. It begins with a bit more on the Buddha's understanding of reality: the three marks of existence. This assessment of the limited and painful nature of life leads onto the fact that we are all looking for something to bring happiness and security, the fact that we all 'go for refuge' to something. The only question is are we finding effective and creative solutions to life- which is hard to do!

Then we look at key areas of life and how we can bring creativity to them: work and pleasure. Which is evoked through a series of examples from the lives of the team leading the retreat, giving little vignettes of attitudes and practices that can make a difference.

Finally we return to the thread of going for refuge and three basic ways we can relate to life, different ways of being in the world and the consequences they have for us. Actions that are harmful to us, which we need to let go of. Actions that can be enjoyed, that improve our lives as long as we don't grasp onto them too much. Actions that take us up and beyond ourselves and that lead to totally different way of being. Of course we need to know which is which: stop one, refine the second and do as much of the third as we can!
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