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Shakyamuni: Sage of the Shakyan Clan - A Young Men's Retreat

On Sun, 7 August, 2022 - 15:08
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‘They call him Buddha, Enlightened, Awake, dissolving darkness, with total vision, and knowing the world to its ends, he has gone beyond all the states of being and of becoming. He has no inner poison-drives: he is the total elimination of suffering.’
Pingiya’s Praises of the Way to the Beyond

On this weekend we will dwell on the life and teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni: Sage of the Shakyan clan.

Discoverer of the way to Enlightenment, Shakyamuni Buddha is the one who’s lineage we are in. His great realisation beneath the Bodhi tree has flowed down the ages through a great line of teachers and disciples, until finally finding its way to us here and now. Its liberating power can free us from all limitations, psychological and spiritual, ultimately leading us to that place of unshakable peace, unlimited love, and boundless energy.

Join us for a weekend of talks, exploration, meditation, ritual, and friendship.

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