Padmaloka Retreat Centre

The Perfection of Wisdom and Dedication - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 9 and 10

On Sat, 29 August, 2020 - 01:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
In his final talk exploring Bodhicaryavatara, Padmavajra introduces us to Shantideva's exposition of the Prajnaparamita, the Perfection of Wisdom. Here, Shantideva tells us about the two truths, the conventional and the ultimate, as well as of the true meaning emptiness, which is the cure for the terrible sufferings that we undergo. In doing this he gives us a glimpse of the Bodhisattva "respectfully teaching emptiness ... to those who imagine a real world". The vision of emptiness opens into the final chapter Parinamana, in which Shantideva dedicates the merit of his Bodhicaryavatara for the benefit of all beings. Shantideva's dedication describes the boundless creativity of the Bodhicitta. "It is for the sake of Wisdom that the Muni taught this entire collection of preparations. Therefore, in the desire to put an end to suffering, one should develop wisdom."
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