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Padmaloka Buddha Day Puja - Wednesday 26th May - 8pm

On Wed, 26 May, 2021 - 20:00
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‘…today we are celebrating the Buddha’s attainment of Enlightenment, which is to say that we’re celebrating the Buddha’s transformation from an unenlightened to an Enlightened, a fully Enlightened, a supremely Enlightened, being. We’re celebrating his realization of, we may say, the ultimate truth and reality of things. We’re celebrating his becoming the object of refuge for all living beings. We are thus today celebrating something which is of very great importance and very great significance not only to the Buddha some two thousand five hundred years ago, but also here and now to ourselves.’
Sangharakshita - Discerning the Buddha

Join us on Wednesday evening to celebrate the ‘thrice- sacred’ festival of Vaishaka Purnima, or Buddha- Day; celebrating the birth, Enlightenment and final Parinirvana of the Buddha Shakyamuni.

We will be celebrating it as part of the Going for Refuge retreat ‘The Buddha’s Victory’ and would like as much of the movement around the world to join us live in our celebrations.

With so much change and uncertainty in the world right now it is all the more important to celebrate what is most precious to us as Buddhists; the bringing of Enlightenment into the world, the awakening of a fully and perfectly enlightened Buddha.

Everything that we do as Buddhists, all that we teach, practice and meditate upon is connected to that moment, that Enlightenment-Experience beneath the Bodhi tree 2500 years ago. Through our celebrations, we re-connect with that moment and draw upon the current of inspiration that flows out of it down the ages and to us here in the modern world.

How to Join

The Puja will be live-streamed on YouTube, and we will place a link on this page in the next few days, scheduled to start at: 8pm on Wednesday 26th.

Here is the pre-scheduled YouTube link to join the Puja:

Please note that we may have to update the YouTube link, so keep an eye on our event page here: Padmaloka Buddha Day

It is completely free to join us for the Puja, and if you are moved to do so you can donate via our donate page here: Donate to Padmaloka