Padmaloka Retreat Centre

Naming and Taming - Padmasambhava and the Feast of Transformation

On Mon, 1 November, 2021 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
In this talk given to the men at Padmaloka during the Autumn Great Gathering 2021, Bodhinaga explores the myth of Padmasambhava arriving in Tibet, at the invitation of the King, to establish the Dharma at Samye. When he meets the King of Tibet, Padmasambhava refuses to bow. Then he transforms the demons of Tibet, getting them to help rather than oppose the construction of Samye Monastery. Bodhinaga asks us: What do we serve in our life? What are our inner demons? And how can we use their energy for the Dharma? This talk is the first part of the series: Padmasambhava - the Master for Troubled Times.
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