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Essential Meditation - Entire Retreat

On Sat, 28 March, 2020 - 00:00
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At the beginning of March Satyaraja led a new retreat at Padmaloka, titled 'Essential Meditation'. The aim was to provide people with a foundational toolkit of principles and practical guidance to help them take full ownership of their meditation practice and therefore develop it to the next level. The retreat covered all areas of working in meditation from posture, balanced effort and working on the hindrances, to access concentration, the dhyanas and insight. The talks are by Satyaraja, Dharmadipa and Surata. Some of the meditations were also recorded, which you may like to use for guideded meditation. It was amazing to see the extent to which people's meditation practices were transformed and enriched during the course of the week, just by emphasizing and applying these so called 'basics'. You can download a document containing the various lists mentioned in the talks here: 
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