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Equinox puja on Friday, and online resources

On Thu, 19 March, 2020 - 14:20
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This Friday’s spring equinox, an online ritual

Lalitaraja writes:

“I’m keen to try out doing the spring equinox ritual on the Zoom platform. It will be at the planned time of 19:00 on Friday and consist of meditation, reflection and a short ritual. I’m going to attempt some simple puja or chanting but haven’t been able to test doing this in Zoom.

“If possible register for a free Zoom account and download the app onto your computer from https://zoom.us/

“The app does work on tablets and phones but best on a laptop or desktop. Also while zoom works fine from a browser the app is better, you’ll also need a half decent internet connection.

“Once you have Zoom set up click this link at 19:30 UK time, or just open it in your usual browser: https://zoom.us/j/645336151

Lots of online meditations and resources will be posted by thebuddhiscentre.com, take a look here.

Please donate about £5 for the class if you possibly can. The North London Buddhist Centre cannot last very long with it’s regular income dried up due to having to close; so many thanks! Go to the bottom left of our home page here and click the ‘donate’ button.

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