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Growth Fund 2016 open for applications

Tue, 22 Mar, 2016 - 17:37

Applications are invited to the Growth Fund, closing date 9th May 2016.

The Growth Fund is a small fund made available by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) every year, for local projects leading to a growth in numbers of people having access to Triratna classes in basic meditation and Dharma.

Mokshini writes from the ECA’s Growth Fund Committee with more detail.

“This year we have a total of around £6,418 to give away in small amounts of up to £1,000 each to Triratna projects around the world (excluding India, for which Karuna...

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Is Buddhist healthcare chaplaincy for you?

Fri, 18 Dec, 2015 - 19:19

Many of you were inspired by Clear Vision’s NewsByte video about Amitasurī’s work as a Buddhist healthcare chaplain in a hospital in Manchester, UK, earlier this year. 

If you’re in Britain, here’s an opportunity to find out more about this work and see whether it is something you’d like to take further. The Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group are offering a ‘Starting out in Healthcare Chaplaincy’ course in Manchester, UK, February-April 2016.

Open to those of any faith or belief group,...

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Sangharakshita@90 - A Life In Objects (Coming Soon!)

Thu, 30 Jul, 2015 - 19:07

Urgyen Sangharakshita turns 90 in August 2015 - and his birthday wish is that his legacy of written Dharma be secure and continue to reach people all over the world. To celebrate the campaign to raise the funds required for his Complete Works we’ll be bringing you a brand new series of 9 interviews with Sangharakshita - one for each decade of his life.

In these very personal conversations with Saddhanandi, Bhante chooses objects from each period of...

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UK Buddhist chaplaincy training course starts soon

Wed, 1 Apr, 2015 - 12:58

Kalyana Mitra: The Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group is a UK Buddhist initiative offering training in chaplaincy work for Buddhists of all traditions. Their next training course starts on 12th April and runs for seven Sundays until 1st November, in London and Birmingham. See below for information.

They write: “The aim of these training groups is to explore and share experiences that help develop skills, competencies and capabilities in offering and providing spiritual and religious support to others in a wide...

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Three papers from the UN Day of Vesak Conference 2014

Fri, 27 Jun, 2014 - 15:31
Here are the three papers presented by Amoghamati, Karunamati and Vajrapushpa at the United Nations Day of Vesak Conference 2014 in Vietnam.

Read their report on the conference.
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1878 Order Members - one Bodhisattva!

Sun, 11 May, 2014 - 05:48
There are now approaching 1900 Order Members in Triratna, spread across nearly 30 countries. In a remarkable feat of computer graphics, their photographs, together with those of all those Order Members who have died, plus several hundred works of Buddhist art, have all been assembled into a single ‘mosaic’ image of the Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara - a Bodhisattva who has long been taken as a symbol of the Order.

The complete image is available for download from The...
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Making a Statement on Buddhist Violence against Muslims in Burma

Thu, 24 Oct, 2013 - 12:15
The continuing violence by Buddhists against Muslims in Burma has been viewed with dismay by many Buddhists worldwide. Non-Buddhists, familiar with Buddhism’s reputation for non-violence, have found it baffling.

There have been occasional requests to Triratna Buddhist Centres for statements condemning this violence. After considerable deliberation, and with strong encouragement from Triratna’s founder, Sangharakshita, four writers have arrived at a text, signed individually by him and a number of preceptors, east and west. This is not a statement on...