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Women and Buddhism: The Moon and Flowers republished

On Sun, 21 June, 2015 - 17:39
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First published by Windhorse Publications in 1997, The Moon and Flowers is a collection of essays by 19 women Order members. Long out of print, it’s now available once more as an eBook from Windhorse, with all proceeds going to Taraloka Buddhist Retreat Centre for Women.  

To mark this republication, its editor, Kalyanavaca, has issued
•    an article telling the story of how The Moon and Flowers came to be published in the first place and
•    interviews with two contributors to the book, Dhammadinna and Muditasri, 
almost 20 years after they wrote their essays.

Kalyanavaca writes: “I had a strong sense that there was a need for a book exploring the experience of women following the Buddhist path. Teaching Buddhism to newcomers at Taraloka, the same questions cropped up over and over:

  • How do you make meditation part of your life?
  • Can you combine motherhood and Buddhism?
  • Isn’t Buddhism sexist and patriarchal?
  • How can I carry on with my career whilst committing to Buddhism?
  • What about Buddhism and feminism?
  • What is the Buddhist view on abortion?
  • If I commit myself to Buddhism will I have to give up sex?”

Publishers Windhorse write: “Through tackling these questions, still pertinent today, The Moon and Flowers offers an inspiring account of what it means to be a Buddhist woman in the modern world.”

Find out more about The Moon and Flowers. 
Listen to Kalyanavaca’s interview with Muditasri. 
Listen to Kalyanavaca’s interview with Dhammadinna. 
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