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Who are the Development Team?

On Tue, 15 December, 2015 - 23:58
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The Development Team are five Order members supported by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) to provide central services to Triratna in Europe – also enjoyed around the wider Triratna world. (Pictured, left to right: Munisha, Amalavajra, Nandavajra, Prajnaketu and Mokshini.)

We’re a warm, friendly virtual team, meeting on Skype or in person every few weeks to check in and organise our work.

Team Leader is Nandavajra, who lives in Devon, UK, and describes himself as “a grizzled but youthful Triratna veteran who serves the Triratna Buddhist Community in a multiplicity of ways, acting as secretary and finance officer for the ECA and its executive.” 

Former Chair of Newcastle Buddhist Centre, he conducts research for the ECA and provides guidance for centres and groups. He is involved projects such as the International Retreat and weekends for Triratna group leaders. Besides being a point of contact for the Development Team and ECA, he liaises with various Triratna projects and helps to foster connectedness within the Triratna movement. He also administers the Growth Fund. 
Nandavajra [at] (Contact Nandavajra. )

Mokshini, former Chair of the Brighton Buddhist Centre, joined the Team in August this year as, she says, ”Project Manager and General Dogsbody”. She helps make the ECA’s vision a reality, through organising projects such as the International Urban Retreat and Buddhist Action Month, as well as supporting Triratna centres and groups in all sorts of other ways. She lives in Devon, UK, too.
mokshini [at] (Contact Mokshini.)

Prajnaketu, from Oxford, UK, is our new, full time, Young Buddhist Co-ordinator for Europe, following in Singhamati’s part-time footsteps. He writes, “My role is to support the growing numbers of young people coming into contact with Triratna and encourage new initiatives being set up by young people who want to lead a total Dharma life.” He organises big young Buddhist gatherings, supports local groups and helps young Order members. We’ll bring you more on his work very soon.
prajnaketu [at] (Contact Prajnaketu.)

Amalavajra lives at Adhisthana, UK, from where he co-ordinates a new phase of bold fundraising for Triratna, ensuring its worldwide Dharma work is properly resourced. This is a bit different from his first career in the City of London (and indeed his spare-time interest in contact improvisation), but not so far away from his previous job at Karuna Trust. 
amalavajra [at] (Contact Amalavajra.)

Lastly there is me, Munisha, the ECA’s Liaison and Communications Officer. After 17 years at Clear Vision creating Buddhist video for schools and running the Manchester Buddhist Centre’s school visits service, I look after Triratna’s co-operation with other Buddhist traditions, mainly through the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO) and the European Buddhist Union (EBU).

Working with The Buddhist Centre Online (TBCO) team I edit Triratna News and provide, via Facebook and TBCO, some of the communications services required by so many aspects of Triratna’s life. I’m Triratna’s contact with the media, and I also advise Triratna centres on child protection. So much of my work is online that few people realise I live in Stockholm!
munisha [at] (Contact Munisha.)

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