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Vatican message to Buddhists for the Feast of Vesakh 2014

On Wed, 30 April, 2014 - 13:17
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Every year the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue issues “Letters” to those of other faiths on the occasion of each faith’s major festival.

This year’s Letter to the world’s Buddhists for the festival of Vesakh (also known as Wesak, or Buddha Day) is entitled “Buddhists and Christians: Together Fostering Fraternity”.

Read the Letter.
On the same page, you can read Letters to those of other faiths.

Buddha Day, as it’s commonly known in Triratna, falls on the full moon of Wednesday 14th May but may well be celebrated the weekend before or after at a Triratna Centre near you.

On this occasion in Triratna we celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment; other Buddhists may variously be marking his birthday, or, indeed his birth, Enlightenment and death; such is the diversity of the Buddhist world. Yet others will be marking nothing at all as for them Buddha Day may well fall in December. There is not a single Buddhist festival common to all traditions. We can be sure, however, that we’ll be in the company of millions worldwide, celebrating the supreme significance of the Buddha’s life.

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And ‘sorority’, I hope… :) A big improvement on ‘Crossing the Threshold of Hope’ from John Paul II, when it comes to the Catholic Church’s engagement with Buddhists!
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yes, candradasa, sorority as well! And yes, this is definitely an improvement.