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Urge your government to counter Buddhist violence against Muslims in Burma

On Fri, 30 October, 2015 - 12:44
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Please join Buddhists around the world speaking out in defence of ethnic Muslim minorities displaced by ethnic Buddhist violence in southeast Asia, especially the Rohingya people of Burma (Myanmar).

A report published by Queen Mary University, London, says the Rohingya are facing the final stages of genocide”.

Richard Reoch of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition in the USA, writes:
“Please speak up for the tens of thousands of displaced people in southeast Asia – many of them risking death in overcrowded boats. Many are fleeing attacks by extreme nationalist Buddhists in Burma. See “Buddhists, Traffickers Trigger Tragedy at Sea”.
The number of victims is staggering. Two hundred thousand are estimated to have sought refuge from attacks and desperate conditions. Mass graves are being uncovered; survivors testify to rape and torture.

Following the historic gathering in May of Buddhist leaders at the White House in Washington, DC, the Buddhist Emergency Fund for the Rohingya in Burma was launched. More than a hundred Buddhist leaders and teachers were planning an appeal to the United Nations when they received news that the UN had set up a $13 million appeal to help the victims and address some of the root causes of this catastrophe.
The UN requires national governments to contribute generous funding. Please encourage your country’s government to contribute.”

Please click here for your President or Prime Minister’s email address.
Please send her or him a message like this:
Dear [name of president or prime minister],

I am writing to ask you to speak out against Buddhist persecution of Muslim minorities in southeast Asia; in particular against the Rohingya people of Myanmar (Burma). A report published by Queen Mary University, London, says the Rohingya are ”facing the final stages of genocide”.

I would also urge you to respond generously to the United Nations appeal [] to help the thousands of refugees and migrants who have been risking their lives in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.
As a concerned citizen of our country, and also as a Buddhist who cares deeply about the suffering involved in this complex situation, I am pleased that the United Nations (UNHCR) is offering to help the victims and to help resolve some of the root causes. I hope that [our country] can support this effort by making a generous contribution to the appeal.

Yours sincerely,
 [your name]

Please share this appeal with many others.

Read the public statement issued by Sangharakshita and other senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order in October 2013.

Image Creative Commons courtesy of Christophe Archambault.

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