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UK's Poetry School site features Maitreyabandhu

On Thu, 5 March, 2015 - 16:12
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The Poetry School is the UK’s largest provider of poetry education and its new CAMPUS website is currently featuring a poem and essay by Maitreyabandhu from the London Buddhist Centre. It’s a narrative poem about a farmer meeting the Buddha.

Maitreyabandhu writes: “CAMPUS is a new website, social network and peer-to-peer learning environment for poets - with over 1700 members. The site has an occasional series called ‘How I Did It’ where they ask poets to do a close reading of one of their own poems.

They approached me and I thought it would be exciting to explore one of the overtly Buddhist poems I’ll be publishing in my new collection Yarn, to be published by Bloodaxe later this year.

I’m delighted to see the Buddha in that context! I want to do what little I can to make sure a Buddhist voice is out there in the poetry world. The site contains a short essay about ‘How I did it’ and the poem itself. I hope you like it!”

Read the poem and article.

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