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Triratna's first online mitra ceremony, broadcast live

On Fri, 25 November, 2016 - 11:08
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What is an online mitra and how on earth is that possible? In Clear Vision’s latest NewsByte video, Candradasa, director of The Buddhist Centre Online explains and conducts the mitra ceremony, broadcast live over the internet. (9 minutes)

Living in Italy, far from a Triratna centre, Brian Groves discovered Triratna through The Buddhist Centre Online’s virtual meditation classes. His eventual mitra ceremony took place at Brighton Buddhist Centre (UK) and it’s surprisingly moving to see in this video the Facebook comments coming in from viewers from Australia to Mexico, who join in the hearty sadhus (but not in the usual way!) A must-watch.

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Amala's picture

Really nice video! Well done all. And hearty ‘sadhus’ to Brian, and all mitras everywhere. Rejoicing in the intimate moments of significance for all who take these steps……

Amala, USA