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Triratna's European Chairs meet at Adhisthana

On Thu, 12 February, 2015 - 21:26
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Last month saw the first of the year’s two gatherings of Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) at Adhisthana.

Around 35 Chairs from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe met 5th -12th January, joined at times by Public Preceptors Dhammarati, Paramabandhu, and Ratnadharini and Lokeshvara as International Order Convenor, as well as the Development Team employed by the ECA. (See below.)

This very harmonious and effective meeting began with small groups and continued with plenary sessions on many topics, chief among which was the completion of their Vision and Strategy document 2015 already covered in these pages.

Other topics included the culture of Triratna Buddhist Centres, ethical guidelines for Centres, teaching at Centres, the the place of secular mindfulness teaching, sustainable economics and attracting more men to the Dharma.

They also discussed Direct Pointing, fundraising, Buddhist Action Month and issues arising from the “Commonality” paper; as well as hearing presentations on mindfulness in schools, the closure of Windhorse:Evolution and the future of Adhisthana.

A very enjoyable aspect of these meetings is hearing about individual sanghas; this time Arthakusalin entertained us with pictures and information from Ghent and Brussels. (Most of the Chairs being from the UK, the gathering included a sub-meeting of nine Chairs from mainland European Centres to discuss matters of particular concern to them.)

Read Nandavajra’s fuller report on the meeting, the Vision and Strategy document and the minutes of the ECA’s business meeting.
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If you have questions, please nandavajra [at] (email Nandavajra.)

The ECA’s Development Team comprises Nandavajra (team leader), Munisha (Liaison and Communications), Amalavajra (Fundraising) and Singhamati (Young People). There is a vacancy on the team.

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