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Triratna Translations Board invites applications for money

On Tue, 18 October, 2016 - 23:23
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The Triratna Translations Board came into existence last year, to administer new funds made available by Sangharakshita following his 90th birthday appeal. Now inviting applications (deadline 31st October), they write:

“Have you ever heard of Kumarajiva, the 4th century monk who did a tremendous amount of work translating the Dharma into Chinese? For 12 years he led a team of monks and scholars with whom he accomplished the translation of the founding texts of the Great Vehicle, checking the translation of every single word and concept himself to make sure it was accurately rendered into Chinese. Read more about Kumarajiva. 

We think the time has come for our Order to enter a similar phase of tremendous translation work, into all the languages where Triratna is being, and hopes to be, established, so as to communicate Sangharakshita’s elucidation of the Dharma. 

This is the vision of the Triratna Translations Board: giving the gift of the Dharma through translating as many as possible of Sangharakshita’s books and other writings, as well as those of his disciples.

Just as Kumarajiva led his team of translators, so the Triratna Translations Board sees its role as co-ordinating translations by means of an overall vision and strategy, facilitating translation work by gathering and distributing funds, supporting translators through the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience, and promoting excellence.

This is all possible thanks to funds donated by Bhante from the money he was given for his 90th birthday, and Amalavajra’s fundraising work for Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) and the Triratna’s new, major, fundraising initiative, the FutureDharma Fund. 

As Bhante said in his lecture, ‘St Jerome revisited’ ’Nagarjuna retrieved the Perfection of Wisdom from the kingdom of the Nagas to propagate it far and wide.’ In his turn, Bhante brought the Dharma to the West, to us. Now it is time for us to accurately and coherently communicate it to non-English-speaking countries, something that will also contribute to the unity and harmony of the Order.

How you can help
Want to take part in this great adventure? Are you inspired to participate in this positive flow of energy contributing to the communication of the Dharma as elucidated by Bhante, to share that great gift in as many languages as possible?

There are many ways in which you can help:

  • If you are not a native English speaker, you can send us a statement of the importance to you of being able to read the Dharma in your native language. translations [at] (Email the Board.)
  • Let us know of any situation where resources for translations might be needed.
  • Share your skills with us in the areas of publishing, design, editing, proof-reading, website creation, etc.
  • Donate to the FutureDharma Fund or directly to our Just Giving page.
  • Let us know of any other ideas you may have!

We are now accepting applications. If you know of anyone who could benefit from some financial support, please pass the word on! Deadline: 31st October.”

translations [at] (Email the Triratna Translations Board. )
Support the Triratna Translations Board with money. 
Read more about the Translations Board.

Listen to Sangharakshita give the lecture ‘St Jerome Revisited’.
Read ‘St Jerome Revisited’ in The Priceless Jewel. 

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