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Triratna Newsbyte 1 is here!

On Wed, 14 May, 2014 - 19:00
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This week’s full moon signalled Buddha Day. To mark the event, Clear Vision have released Triratna Newsbyte 1, the first of their new twice-yearly video news bulletins from around the Triratna world, commissioned by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly.

In this 47-minute video:
  • The opening weekend of Adhisthana, UK
  • Vimalasara’s book launch at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, UK
  • Danabhadri at Dhanakosa, Scotland: Cooking as practice
  • Nagaloka Buddhist Centre, Portland, Maine, USA
  • Amoghalila and the Street Angels, Lancashire, UK
  • Young Buddhists gathering 2013, Adhisthana, UK
  • Triratna Around the World

From its office in the Manchester Buddhist Centre, UK, Clear Vision has been providing Triratna with professional Buddhist video services for more than 20 years. It runs the VideoSangha website, where you can find reams of FWBO and Triratna video going back many years.

Says director Upekshapriya, “For many years, we supplied the then FWBO with “FWBO Newsreels” twice a year. Watching them on video cassette was a regular and very popular sangha event in many Centres, giving people a strong sense of being part of a worldwide Buddhist movement.

Of course our new online “Triratna Newsbyte” is much easier to distribute! It has the potential to reach far more viewers and lots of people will watch it on their iPads etc, but what we’d really like is for you to watch it together - in large numbers.”

Newsbyte 2 will be released in November, for Sangha Day. Put it on your Centre calendar!
Don’t forget, Newsbyte is international. Clear Vision want to know about your news, wherever you are.

clearvision [at] (Write to Clear Vision) about your news. They’ll tell you what to do.
Support Clear Vision with money!
Watch Triratna Newsbyte 1 on VideoSangha.
Download Triratna Newsbyte 1.
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well done all
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Excellent! And thank you x
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Nice one. Saddhu.
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I really enjoyed watching the newsbyte. Thank you.
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Thankyou, I really enjoyed this- curled up with tonsilitis and feeling slighlty woebegone I felt filled with positivity- so good to have such kind clear images rolling about my mind.