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Triratna International Retreat 23rd-27th May 2014

On Sat, 15 March, 2014 - 16:10
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Dhammadassin writes: this year’s Triratna International Retreat will be held at Adhisthana, our new retreat centre; home for Triratna and our founder Sangharakshita in his final years. The retreat will be run by the European Chairs’ Assembly, in conjunction with Buddhafield and Adhisthana. It opens on the evening of Friday 23rd May, finishing after lunch on Tuesday 27th May 2014. The theme is The Bodhisattva’s Reply - the Dharma expressed in social change.

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A famous story tells how the archetypal bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara truly felt the suffering of the world, and the enormity of trying to relieve it made him break into a thousand pieces. Buddha Amitabha, out of compassion, re-formed him with eleven heads looking in every direction, and a thousand arms, each offering help in a different way.

This retreat will explore the Dharmic perspective needed for truly altruistic activity, so that our creativity, willingness, and effort for social change can lead to more than just ‘doing good’; to the combination of clarity and compassion that supports ‘the bodhisattva’s reply’.

Triratna’s founder Sangharakshita has said that Avalokiteshvara is a symbol for our Order – but also that our Order, in a mysterious way, is a symbol for the stream of spiritual influence and benefit which Avalokiteshvara represents. Our retreat will explore Triratna’s reply to the suffering world, and the Dharmic foundations which need to underpin it.

Events will include meditation, story-telling, chanting and ritual, talks and discussion, and an opportunity to experience Sangha in the breadth and depth of the Triratna Buddhist Community, with hundreds of newcomers and experienced practitioners from all over Europe living, practising, and creating Sangha together over a long weekend in Triratna’s new home.

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