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Triratna Europe: a vision and strategy for 2015

On Tue, 10 February, 2015 - 16:59
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At their January meeting at Adhisthana, Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) agreed their vision and strategy for 2015.

Their vision for Triratna is summed up in one paragraph:

Triratna is an international Buddhist community loyal to
Sangharakshita’s vision, working in harmony and
sustained by spiritual friendship; dedicated to the
attainment of Enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

Their strategy is based on the four lines of acceptance recited at ordination:

  • With loyalty to my teachers, I accept this ordination.
  • In harmony with friends and brethren, I accept this ordination.
  • For the attainment of Enlightenment, I accept this ordination.
  • For the benefit of all beings, I accept this ordination.
The full document lists the practical actions to be pursued under each strategy point, including 8 priorities. To find out what they are, have a look at the document!

Nandavajra, leader of the Development Team employed by the ECA, comments: “This vision and stragegy is an important step in developing unity and coherence in Triratna. It is a collaborative and consultative venture, bringing together and involving the ‘three strands’ (Preceptors’ College, Movement and Order), which will help give direction to Triratna as we collectively deepen our understanding and expression of Sangharakshita’s vision of the Dharma life.

Furthermore, the vision and strategy will shape a major and exciting fundraising drive which should see a significant improvement in the resourcing of Triratna and our ability to take the Dharma out into the world for the benefit of all beings.”

Although the ECA is responsible only for Triratna in Europe, they will be very happy if Chairs beyond Europe find it useful and inspiring.

View the full document (3 pages).

The ECA’s Development Team comprises Nandavajra (team leader), Munisha (Liaison and Communications), Amalavajra (Fundraising) and Singhamati (Young People). There is a vacancy on the team.
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akasapriya's picture
There is a significant error in this article. There are four lines of acceptance in the public ordination ceremony, not three. Indeed the linked document mentions the four verses, but then goes on to conflate the first two for the purposes of outlining the strategy.
Munisha's picture
Dear Akasapriya,

Indeed, and thanks for spotting my (obviously deliberate) mistake! Must have been a long day. Luckily humility is a good spiritual practice. All corrected now.
akasapriya's picture
Thanks, Munisha.