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Triratna Amsterdam's new Buddhist centre

On Tue, 17 October, 2017 - 13:37
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Gunabhadri writes from Amsterdam with a five-minute video about the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre’s move (by bicycle!) to new premises in an old hospital (also home to Mokshagandhi).

“On the full moon evening of Wednesday 6th September the new Amsterdam Buddhist Centre officially opened.

For the last time, we shared an evening meal in our old centre in the Palmstraat and then a lamp was lit and transported to the new location by bicycle, together with a painting of Akshobya and two Buddha statues. This is how we said goodbye to the place where the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre had been for 22 years.

The new ABC is the latest high quality product of the Dutch sangha, the fruit of a couple of weeks of building and decoration work during the summer. It is situated very close to main attractions of the city: the Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw and Vondelpark.

When you are next in Amsterdam do come and have a look! Everyone is welcome.
Join us for morning meditation or a Wednesday evening meditation.

Visit our website.
info [at] (Email us.)
Phone us: + 31 (0) 20 6327795. 

See you soon in Amsterdam!”


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dharmabandhu's picture

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

 It looks a great Centre well done everyone! I look forward to visiting when I’m next in Amsterdam

 Wishing you much success


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I love the fact that you moved by bike :-)  Hope you all thrive in your lovely new Centre

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Palmstraat 🙏.. this is where i first learned meditation… 25 years ago when i was living in Amsterďam. I still practice and have since trained with Breathworks to be a mindfulness teacher