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Supporting the Venezuelan Sangha

On Fri, 6 April, 2018 - 11:15
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With the help of Future Dharma Fund, three Order Members from the UK and Spain visited Merida in Venezuela to help the Sangha there, who are growing despite being in challenging conditions. Aryavachin (living in Nottingham but from Venezuela), Manjusiha (from Padmaloka, UK) and Padmashalin (from Valencia, Spain) have been kept busy in Venezuala!

Aryavachin has been keeping a record of the visit, which started with an afternoon on William Blake and the integration of opposites. The three visiting Order Members led events like the Saturday afternoon class at the Mérida Buddhist Centre, sharing their reflections on the Dhamma Revolution and individual spiritual journeys with the local Sangha.

After that they travelled to La Mucuy to lead a series of three retreats: firstly for all levels on the System of Practice with Manjusiha, Padmashalin. Aryavachin writes: “Some 16 people came, which fills me with optimism, despite the immense difficulties our country is facing. Metta to all!”

Next up was a week intensive study retreat on “What’s the Sangha?”.  At the end of that they took the time to embody Sangha by going for a Sangha Walk in the beautiful Venezualan Andes. 

And their final retreat in the Venezuelan Andes was on the Four Vows of the Triratna Buddhist Order for the six men in the Merida Sangha who’re training for ordination. Again, from Aryavachin: “It was an authentic challenge to arrived at the end of the week with the energy to go deeper in our exploration of collective practices, but the weekend was wonderfully led by Manjusiha. It was such privilege to host all three retreats in the beautiful valley of La Mucuy, truly a garden of Eden!”

While in South America, the three Dharma heroes have also taken the opportunity to visit Colombia and lead an evening on meditation and introduction to Buddhism, hosted by Mitra Olmer Rendon - the first official Triratna event there!

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Liz_Bassett's picture

This is such a fabulous project. Really inspiring to see how much people value the opportunity to go on retreat with each other, especially given the challenging situation in Venezuela at the moment. Saddhu!


dharmabandhu's picture

Sadhu brothers!!  Wishing you much success and the success of the Dharma in Venezuela! 

Zoe Lim's picture
SADHU!!! Very inspiring to read this news. And yay to Triratna Colombia!! Happy 50th anniversary! X
Vajracaksu's picture

Good to read of this big boost for the Venezuelan and also the Columbian

sangha! :)

Kind wishes


Dayabhadra's picture

Wishing you every success - Sadhu!