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FutureDharma Fund supports ongoing appeal for Venezeula crisis

On Mon, 7 August, 2017 - 17:23
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Thanks to the generosity of the European Chairs Assembly, in just a few minutes FutureDharma Fund raised £5000 in pledges to help sangha members in Venezuela, whose country is in crisis. 

Chairs from Triratna Buddhist Centres across Europe and representatives from major Triratna projects had gathered together at Vajrasana for a 10-day meeting. They were joined by several other Chairs from around the world, including Vajranatha. He is the only Order Member in Venezuela and Chair of Merida Buddhist Centre, supporting a sangha including 22 mitras, 13 of whom have asked for ordination.

The country is facing a significant humanitarian crisis. Over on a newly created online space ‘Metta for Merida’, Vajranatha writes

The political tensions in Venezuela have reached a point where violent confrontations on the street are an almost daily occurrence. They are the kind of conditions that could lead to civil war. 

Following a moving report by Vajranatha to the ECA, FutureDharma Fund took the floor the next day to ask the audience for their help. 

Viryanaga - Project Manager at FutureDharma Fund told us:

The good will in the room was palpable and the response was deeply moving and inspirational. It’s great to be a part of something which directly helps people in need.

Watch this video of Vajranatha explaining the situation in Venezuela more fully.

Visit the ‘Metta for Merida’ space for more information on how you can help - including getting old smart phones that can download Whatsapp to Adhisthana, UK, by the 20th August so that Vajranatha can take them over. The Buddhist Centre Online team is currently clarifying how you can easily donate money.

At 7.30pm UK on Wednesday 16th August there will be an international metta for Merida meditation.


FutureDharma Fund is a vital international platform for giving to Triratna, launched at our International Conventions in August 2016.  It gives us all a simple way to support existing Triratna projects around the world and make new ones possible.  

Visit the website to give today and follow online for inspiring stories from around the world - like how sangha members are investing money into Triratna projects as another form of giving. 

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