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New Order faces at Adhisthana

On Wed, 25 November, 2015 - 12:50
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The Adhisthana community is growing. We introduce three Order members who arrived during the course of the summer.

Sanghadarshini moved from Germany to be retreat centre manager; Vimalamati (British) is assistant to the international Order Convenors, Lokeshvara and Parami; Sthanashraddha is Bhante’s new secretary, also British.

I interviewed them amid the preparations for Sangharakshita’s 90th birthday Order weekend in August. What a great time to come here, thought Sanghadarshini: “It’s great to jump in and work with all these fantastic people. There’s a great atmosphere. We’re all working together very hard but it’s a bit like a dance; like play; lots of very positive energy.”

“Adhisthana is going to become even more international. At the moment it’s mainly Order members from the UK, but we do also have people here from Mexico, Poland, Australia, Holland and Germany and there will be more and more visitors from other countries – for example the Paris sangha came here for a weekend last year. It will become the heart of the whole of Triratna. My vision is of people coming here and getting a welcome and strong sense of people working together.

Vimalamati explains, “I gave up teaching, which I’d been doing for 10 years, to come to Adhisthana. Everything we’ve learned as an Order and Movement is distilled into something very particular here and it’s hard to define what it is but I love being a part of it. I’d worked with Parami as a Regional Order Convenor for 4 years. When this opportunity came up, it was a job made in heaven. 

We’re building a context where people from other countries can tap into things and take that back to their own countries. We’re constantly looking inwards and outwards. There is nowhere else like that in Triratna.”

Sthanashraddha arrived in August to be Sangharakshita’s new secretary, after several years working in retail at windhorse:evolution. It all came as a big surprise. “I had no idea what I would do when I left w:e. I am a new Order member and not very old, and I never thought I’d spend any time with Bhante. I nearly burst into tears when I got the call. Suddenly, I thought, I am going to spend LOTS of time with him.”

So far all seems to be going well. “I can read to him and he understands what I’m saying, and he can dictate to me and I can take it down and have enough time to correct my spelling and grammar before sending it out! And I cook lunch for him 5 days a week and we are getting on well, slowly getting to know each other. I’m certainly enjoying eating mindfully and slowly!

I just want to make things as easy as possible for Bhante, to smoothe his way.”

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