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The Sikkha Project

On Thu, 4 April, 2019 - 10:36
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Sikkha is the name of a project overseen by Triratna’s International Council. Its aims are to support the development of training within Triratna for every level of experience, to discover and share how the different elements of our system are taught and practiced most effectively, and to create resources and training to fill any gaps. 

The Sikkha website is now open to all. Here you will find some recommended introductory courses - including a newly published course from Sheffield called ‘Vision and Transformation’. For each course there are weekly teacher’s notes, a short video introducing the theme for the week and a talk as it was presented during a course. All of the course material has been produced in order to resource Centres and teachers with material to stimulate and support their dharma teaching.

There are many further plans in the pipeline for the Sikkha project in the coming months. If you teach at a Buddhist Centre look out for second phase centre teaching materials - for between newcomers courses and mitra study - that will be developed this year.

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