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Sangharakshita's Diary, February 2014

On Sun, 2 March, 2014 - 05:56
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Ashvajit writes with his usual monthly round-up of Sangharakshita’s news, health and visitors, saying -

“The Adhisthana ducks have sometimes been paddling in the field beyond my window rather than in our ponds; however they have not been able to actually swim in the fields around here, which has been the prerogative of ducks in some parts of the UK this month.

Bhante’s health has been much the same, his energy being dependent upon the sleep he has had the previous night. However, he has been blessed, on the whole, with more nights of reasonable sleep than not, and has, weather permitting, been taking his regular morning walk with Buddhadasa. He has also as usual been taking a lively interest in Shabda and in his correspondence.

Eight young women have arrived at Adhisthana to participate in the five month course arranged for them. Bhante is hoping to see each one individually in the course of their stay.

There have been a small number of visitors to Bhante in the Urgyen Annexe this month. They are: Vimalasara, Mahamati, Dhammarati, Mariana Hermosa, Saddhaloka, Samacitta, Harshaprabha, Rijumati, Vessantara and Ananda.

With much metta to all, Ashvajit”

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