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Sangharakshita’s diary, December 2013 / January 2014

On Thu, 20 February, 2014 - 05:40
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Ashvajit writes with his usual round-up of Sangharakshita’s news over the past month, saying - “Rain has fallen on Adhisthana, Bhante’s home near the Malvern hills, this month, sometimes torrentially, and temperatures have hovered at times not far from zero. Some mornings, the skies have been clear and the rosy sunrise spectacular. The pond just beyond our windows, often ruffled by the breeze, is at times as smooth as glass, clearly reflecting the leafless trees and the frisky passage along a felled tree-trunk of one of the squirrels that have chased each other playfully in previous months.

“Christmas passed us by except for a pudding shared between Bhante and the team on Christmas day. Bhante’s health is generally good, but his energy is variable, depending as it does on his unpredictable sleep. Despite this, he has been taking regular walks in the Adhisthana gardens with Buddhadasa. Bhante’s other companion, Paramartha, left three weeks ago to visit his mother in New Zealand, and is missed. He will be back after a month’s absence. On the other hand, Nityabandhu from Poland is with us for four weeks, contributing his friendly and welcome presence.

“Retreats and other events have taken place at Adhisthana, notably the London Buddhist Centre winter retreat which filled the available accommodation for two weeks and which, despite the numbers of newcomers, proceeded peacefully and inspiringly, so we were told by Jnanavaca who kept Bhante well informed of the programme. The Chairmen’s event has just come to an end and its 30 or so friendly participants male and female, from all over Europe have departed.

“Bhante has been well enough to see a few visitors in the Urgyen Annexe after his lunch for fifteen or twenty minutes. The visitors’ names I have remembered or noted (apologies for any omissions) are as follows: Danasamudra, Padmasuri, Ethan, Arthakusalin, Pamela, Jnanavaca, Shraddhasiddhi, Vaddhaka, Vajramati, Manjuvajra, Evgenyi, Khemayogini, Munisha, and Maitreyabandhu. As Bhante’s health improves, he hopes to be able to see more people and for longer periods.

“With best wishes to all, and with much metta, Ashvajit”

The video clip shows Sangharakshita, aged 88 walking near his home at Adhisthana
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