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On Wed, 15 June, 2016 - 23:42
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Sthanashraddha is Sangharakshita’s secretary. He writes:

“Looking out of the window here in the annexe and seeing the trees now in full leaf it’s hard to imagine they were so bare and stark but a couple of months ago. Our late spring is rushing headlong into summer and the great field has had two or three cuts now, in almost as many weeks. Plants and flowers are emerging everywhere and while the cuckoo was heard here last month, now morning walks and tea breaks are accompanied by the song of thrushes and blackbirds.

Bhante’s health continues to improve gradually from his very difficult arrival here three years ago. Last month’s visit to and medication reduction from his GP has had some good impact and, yes, apart from the occasional night of poor sleep, all is well. Recently Bhante had another trip to the hospital in Worcester for another Lucentis injection in his left eye. He thought that must be now a total of around 10 or 12 such injections.

Bhante continues to receive a healthy amount of correspondence and replies to most of what he feels needs comment or a reply, and he continues to see people when he is well rested. This month he has seen the following people, from 29thApril to 31th May: Candradasa, Marcin Wojcik, Saddhanandi, Ratnavyuha, Nicolas Croll, Karina Walsh, Parami, Sarah Nixon, Luke Doherty, Mel Shishkin, Kusaladevi, Saddhaloka, Vaddhaka, Rebecca Remigio, Matt Jones, Maree Beverland, Jule Gartzke and Camilla Berglund.

When discussing this month’s Diary Bhante asked me to include the following: that he is particularly pleased to meet young people who have decided to dedicate their lives to the Dharma and who have asked for ordination. He believes that it is on these young people that the future of Triratna depends.

Paramartha and Bhante continue to spend the evenings after dinner in discussion and study. Recent areas of discussion have been different aspects of medical ethics and the effect of musical vibrations on the human organism. Bhante continues to be interviewed by Saddhanandi about his poems. This month they have looked at ‘Four Gifts’ and at ’An Apology’.”


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