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Sangharakshita's diary

On Mon, 2 May, 2016 - 10:41
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Sthanashraddha is Sangharakshita’s secretary.

He writes: “Spring has been bursting forth here at Adhisthana during April. The oaks are coming into their lime green fresh mantles and the copper beech are sprouting, while the ducklings are finally hatching out! Just the other day Bhante heard the first cuckoo call while sitting out by the pond with Buddhadasa, and he tells me that there are primroses and violets in flower by the path he takes to the pond, while further afield carpets of wood anemones and bluebells are painting the woodland floors around here in blues and whites.

Bhante continues to be in good health and enjoying consistently good nights of sleep, with only occasional nights of poor and broken sleep. His health is in fact so robust of late that a trip to his doctor this past month for a medication review has prompted a marked reduction in medication, with some being phased out altogether, while others are to be reduced over time.

Of course good health and sleep means more rest and energy available; consequently Bhante has had a rather full month seeing quite a few people, both old friends and new.

Paramartha has now been back for a few weeks and has resumed his evenings with Bhante in which they are studying and having discussions. He has also taken Bhante out on his first trip this year for a drive and then a short walk by the Malvern hills.

And of course there has been time for audio books and some books being read to him. Among them Bhante has been listening to recordings of Ratnaguna reading from the new translation of the three pure land sutras, which are to be found in Ratnaguna’s new book. Suvajra has been reading him some book reviews Bhante wrote for the ‘Times’ Higher Education Supplement’. We have also just begun to dip into the late Suvarnaprabha’s compiled book on Brahmacariya.

Bhante continues to also meet regularly with Saddhanandi to discuss and record interviews on his poetry. They have now recorded eight separate interviews on individual poems, the most recent being ‘The Bodhisattva’s reply’ and ’In the woods are many more.’”

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Thank you Sthanashraddha. Lovely to read that Bhante’s sleep and health is very good.

Kind wishes


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Lovely. Thanks to this, it is easy to imagine sitting out by the pond - in such good company - and talking poetry, and seasons, and so much more.